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  Just posted a resume and am pursuing employment.  70% of Illinois is aid to have left, but Mom passed away last summer and am 2.5 hrs. North of his assisted living arrangements.  I was Intending to be more adventurous which may have served as God's grace, because Mom was a BFF.  



Objective:   I am currently pursuing employment and available to start immediately to deliver a broad combination of skills, talents, and experiences.  I have maintained attendance and was on time above the level of my peers, in many employments as a teenager and as an adult.  Adaptability is a strength of mine and I would Love to exceed the valued expectations of those managing the challenged success of an organization, working to give.


Professional Summary

More than 15 years of professional electronics experience as a technician for a local phone company in the telecommunication industry.  More than 5 years of professional mechanic experience, with as much direct experience in safety and security as a serviceman during peacetime operations.