I am in a desperate spot from helping everyone, to where it is putting me in a homeless state after the 21st of this month. . I need help with finding a place to live asap


In what city and state do you currently reside?
Tony do you have a phone to call me 7068598256

Tony call me at 706-859-8256

G-d bless you ... I don't know you but where do you reside at ? What state and city

Tony, Go to the nearest United Methodist church, Ask the Pastor for help finding a Warm Place to Stay, & soon.

God Bless.emperFI


I will pray for you. Please seek shelter and safety . God never delivers challenges we aren't capable of overcoming. You will get through this. Resources such as churches will help in many ways.
The 21 st is this Friday
@TonyMarineSniper If you still need assistance, please call me at: 302-519-4221 or email me at: phebert3@gmail.com

Contact me as soon as possible, and I will help get you taken care of for a little while and back on your feet. If you aren't able to contact me via either of those methods, leave a comment here and I will get something else arranged in an effort to aid your struggles.

Seeing as my current job still has me traveling the country, I have resources all over. I look forward to hearing from you soon and getting a fellow brother taken care of in his time of need.

Please let me know if Tony contacted you.