burnt buyer

I found BM Motors in Rahway, NJ on USAA car buying site. I bought a car from them only to have the check engine light come on the way home. then I find out that the car can't pass inspection because of thousands of dollars worth of emissions damage. I go to get my money back and they refuse me by laughing at me and saying oh well you bought it "as-is"... but they frauded me because we were told it was a good car that could pass inspection. We are so hurt and I've lost most of my savings because of it... what can I do? They are doing bad business with me and I found them here...I hope I can save future buyers in the area from this kind of trouble.



I'm so sorry to hear of your experience, @burnt buyer. I will have your details and concerns forwarded to a specialist for review. Once the review is completed, they will follow up with your directly. ~ Samantha