I recently tried to buy a car using the usaa car buying service and was disappointed. I got 3 certificates for local dealers and not one would honor it; is this because I ordered the car vs buying off the lot? I have used the service before and bought my BMW through it and I ordered it vs buying off the lot. No problems and a great experience. I was also confused this time by the fact that each dealer had a different deal from usaa true car; by as much as $1000. The deals are great and if honored are the best you can do when buying a car. I was able to negotiate my own deal to within $130 of the true car deal but it was rough and possible only because I knew the discounts available from my True Car certificate.  


Hi hangdown,


Thank you for your feedback. I am passing along your comments and questions over to our Car Buying Service representatives. Someone will be reaching out. Thanks!