USAA used to be great, and did so much for their clientele. However, they have become price gougers lately. I was a very faithful customer for so long, but, I am longer happy with thier premiums, they are way to expensive and, they offer absolutely no help. My premium jupped up drasticlly. I am leaveing USAA after many years, searching for a better insurance compnay that cares for loyal customers. Thier greedyness lost a good customer.  By the way where is my promised 20 percent discount as promised???


@me112, I'm sorry to hear your premium increased, it sounds like you spoke with us about the premium increase already and we were unable to lower it. We appreciate that opportunity to look for ways to help. If you are shopping around please allow one of our USAA Insurance professionals to compare the contract, coverage, and endorsements with you. There are often differences between the coverage provided. Every member with an active auto insurance policy in March 2020 will receive a one-time credit equal to 20% of two months of premiums. Policyholders may start seeing the credit on their P&C Auto Insurance Bill as early as April 26. The credit will be automatically applied to the bill and will appear on the following month’s statement. Starting April 27, email or mail communication will be sent with the total amount the policyholder can expect to see on their P&C Auto Insurance Bill. We appreciate your membership and we love all of our members. Please visit to see the latest updates on all USAA is doing during this difficult time.~Shawna

I totally understand your frustration as I am in the same boat. I am looking for new insurance as well as USAA continues to skyrocket. :( I so wish Navy Federal offered insurance as they are a much better banking option for service members and veterans.

@BigJay1- Hi, it's hard when premiums increase, this link explains why auto insurance rates are on the rise even for those with no accidents or tickets, you had a chance to speak with one our insurance professionals on the specific coverages, contract, endorsements and to see if there are any savings opportunities?~Shawna

What do you think will happen if the customer talks to one of your specialists?  THE ONLY WAY TO LOWER USAA'S RATES IS TO LOWER THE COVERAGE.  What good does that do?  I was actually able to leave USAA for better coverage (ie: 3 vehicles fully insured & 1 in storage to 4 vehicles fully insured) for a 40% reduction in the rate.  Notice there was no lowering of the coverage.  When the policy renewed, it went down 20%.  These are real and SUBSTANTIAL savings and not just wishes that USAA promises.


USAA has lost it's focus.  This appears to have happened around the time General McDermott left USAA.  The ever increasing drive to add members has resulted in non-competitive insurance rates and and a severe decline in customer service.  Everyone reading this post should take a little time and shop around for your insurance.  I believe you will be surprised at what you will find.


USAA has no response to this.  They won't even contact me.

I am also going to start shopping around and btw "we need the 20% on this months bill (april) not next month. Are you kidding Im on auto pay and I am thinking about canceling the auto pay because finances are tight. food or insurance? 

they are right if you talk to someone they start subtracting coverage. I am told there are many company with the same coverage and 20-40% less.  This is rediculous used to be no one could even come close now there beating them by 20-40%. 


Hello, @30 yearfl. We are truly concerned to read that this has been your experience. Regarding the credit announcement, we are doing what we can to help our members get through these challenging times. Members may see the credit applied as soon as today, and will begin to receive email correspondence tomorrow. When were we last able to review your polciy with you? ~ Steven

You're absolutely right. I just got off the phone with a rep and had the same conversation. I just posted my complaint and will be looking for a new Insurance provider after nearly 2 decades with USAA!

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Your link gives me this error:

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   A perfect example of being to quick to give us a canned response instead of listening to us and giving us a personalized response!