I have a 623 credit score and a bankruptcy discharged in 2012. I make 62k/year and I need a bigger vehicle. I'm thinking of a 30k-40k, loan that will pay off my current car and leave money for a used vehicle (Lincoln mkt.) I want to if I will get a good rate without the risk of running my credit. So should I apply, will I get a decent rate? Thanks for the help.


It has been my experience that USAA won't touch you until 7 years have passed when there's been a BK. Unfortunately.
I recently applied to refinance my vehicle loan. My credit score was at the same as yours, the only difference is that I don't have a bankruptcy and my vehicle wasn't that expensive as that. They put in the info of the vehicle to see how much is worth (is going to happen no matter where you try to go) they may give you so much less than what you got it for. But that's everywhere, unfortunately, if you do try to get a loan is very doubtful you will get that amount you want 30- 40k. And yes they will go into your credit report, they have to check your credit.

I would look into your local credit union, if you realy wnat a good rate!