Hello I don't know what my next step is here. This is the first time I've refinanced anything so please help me a ltitle. i left the dealer with an envelope full of the new finance package an they told me to contact USAA but not sure what department or who do I call? does uSAA need to change anythng since i have my auto insurance with them?

also if i want to pay down the interest on the loan, how can I indicate that in my payments if i pay online so they won't let the extra $$ go to the principle?

is that even a good idea? what's the benefit and will it reduce my monthly payment even more.


Right now I was able to get from 11% down to 6% refi but I dont want to go the entire 72months to pay it off ya  know. i was hoping to make it closer to 48mths.


thank you for reading


Hi Teri,

Thank you for commenting. Since this is an account specific question, I encourage you to contact a member representative using the CONTACT US button on usaa.com or by calling 1-800-531-8722. They are more equipped to answer your refinancing question. Thanks!

I have a 2014 Explorer.  Please have someone call me about financing a loan.  Currebtly being financed with Service Credit Union

Hello @Gregor, I do apologize that in this forum we are unable to make outbound calls. You would want to call and speak to our Loan Originations department at 800-531-8722 for further assistance. I thank you in advance for this understanding. -Colleen

You are being rude.  I'm calling for your benefit to sell me a financing agreement and you send me elsewhere.  Call me.  I'm the customer

Step one: sell whatever it is you refinanced.
Step two: pay your debts.
Step three: keep away from debt and live a financially free life.

Banks and bankers are not your friends. They want to keep you in debt because debt is slavery.

I never re-financed a car with USAA (or anyone else), but I have used USAA to finance my only car loan.   They'll explain everything.   Since your insurance is with USAA they can communicate to one another if you wish so you don't have to worry about not giving them insurance information. 


You probably do want to pay down the principal of the loan, that is what makes it quicker to pay off and lowers the total amount of intrest you pay.   They'll explain how to do that so your extra payments go to reduce the total amount owed so you can pay your car off rapidly as you wish. 


As to the comment about bankers not being your friends, I don't believe that is true.  None of my friends are going to loan me money for a car or a house - and I'm good for it!    USAA bankers are my friends, I know that for sure. 

I refinanced my most recent car with USAA, just call the 800 number & the customer service reps will guide you through the process…


Also, for future, please check out my post, this may not apply to you, but if you are young and plan to own more cars in the future keep what I have to say in mind… I guess wisdom does come with age...LOL!!!


I fell into the refinancing trap!!! Time to lease

pacangel27New Member

Just a note to those who are tempted to refinance...


Every car I've ever bought, three in total, I've only once been in possession of the pink slip. I only kept the slip for few weeks before I again refinance.


My most recent car, a former lease, I purchased in 2003, and it’s been a wonderful car... I've been making payments for over 10 years and it's over 13 years old, and now I'm starting to have the typical problems for a 2000 with over 120,000 miles.


So, if you have a problem with debt, avoid buying - lease instead!!!


If I'm going to be making payments forever, why not have a new car every few years!!!!


BTW, I can't find any info on USAA leasing opportunity... Don't tell me USAA doesn't offer lease financing!