My car had roadside assistance on 1-8-2019 and I paid $50 out of pocket cash to driver.  also, he only realligned a canoe on top of the auto at the direction of the police who I had called 911 when the canoe slid off due to a speeding driver coming past me on a two lane road at 1 am approximately.  I was 1.5 hours from Massanutten Resort which was my final destination.  Please refund my $50.  Tow was arranged by the Police and charged $150 for the service.

Sheila Hathaway, Rn, JD, Nurse Attorney


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@NurseLawyer2010, I definitely want to have our USAA roadside assistance team follow up with you to further discuss your concerns with your out of pocket expense.  They will be contacting you soon.  Thanks again for your membership and reaching out to us.  ~ Robert