First off I would like to start off by saying that this is the first time USAA is hearing about this.  However, today is the day our new car deal is going through.  My husband and I traded a Camaro for a new 2017 Ford Explorer.  I went on USAA and decided to do the USAA Certified Dealer buyer program, also affiliated with True Car.  Three dealers returned different Guaranteed Savings Certificates and provided vehicles that matched my search. I instantly received an email offer on a 2017 Ford Explorer FWD XLT, which MSRP’d for $42,255.00 and with the USAA Certified Dealer Discount/ Ford Customer Cash (which expired 7/4/17)  AND Bonus Savings bringing the price before tax to $36,971.00.  I was told by the dealer, their price would not be beat.  I was impressed with the offers returned from my request, there were some great savings so I was really excited.  The manager I originally received the offer from wasn't working when I went in.  I should of waited for him to get back.  The Guaranteed Certificate given by true car is NOT A GUARANTEE.  The funny part about this deal (sad really, i'm ignorant for going through with it) is the dealership I dealt with went to one of the other dealers that  also sent me a Guaranteed Savings Certifiicate, the same VIN#.  The dealership I made a deal with got the vehicle from them and I would have SAVED money if I went with the dealer that originally sent me the quote, assuming they woud of honored their certificate.  Every single dealer that returned "matches" to my search had a seperate line on the discounts which clearly stated "USAA CERTIFIED DEALER DISCOUNT".  This was in ADDITION to Bonus Savings AND at the time Ford was doing 2500 Customer Cash (which expired July 4th, 2017).  The part that is important is at the time Ford was offering $2500 Customer Cash OR 0% for 72 months.  Obviously you can't take both offers, but you had an option.  My whole point is this, when I asked why I am not getting a USAA Certified Dealer Discount I was told because I took the zero % interest and they couldn't do both. EVERY single dealer clearly put on their offers $2500 Customer Cash with a seperate line stating "USAA Certified Dealer Discount".  What's the difference if I took 0% interest instead of the $2500, it's still an incentive.  So i point blank asked the my salesman "what gain am I getting from using USAA's network, if I'm not getting any different benefit."  Everything worked into that deal was strictly manufactured incentives, NO DISCOUNT!!!! What a complete farse, the only reason why I went to that dealership to begin with was because of the savings, which I got NONE!  It's my fault, I should of squashed the deal when I had a chance.  If my state had a "cooling" off period I would definately return the Explorer.  Just thought USAA should know, there was no discount.  Thank you for reading my about my experience.


KATDG, I'm sorry to hear about your experience with our car buying service. This is not the type of experience we expect you to have. I will engage a partner to review your situation further. Please allow sufficient time for completion of their review and we will follow up with you. Thank you. - Ben

To make matters worse, True Car will receive a $400.00 referral on your behalf even if you chose to not use True Car. This places the Veteran in a very bad position to negotiate because, the dealer will say that no more negotiating can take place, as this is the lowest the dealer can go because True Car is obtaining a $400.00 referral. (on the Veterans behalf)  

This pretty much just happened to me. Bait and switch. Was sent an offer that included $7500 of guaranteed savings, $3500 of it was USAA Certified Dealer Discount. However when I went to the dealer, they said it was a qualifying offer that included Customer Loyalty and several other qualifiers that didn’t apply to me. They refused to give me specifics, and just started saying “etc., etc., etc.” when I’d ask for details. Claiming they don’t even work with USAA anymore. Very frustrating.

Hello @Eliot RN, this is horrible to hear of this experience. I have forwarded your concerns to a subject matter expert for review. -Colleen

Whatever happend with this? Any response from USAA?

Hi @DontBankHere, Once a response is received, it will be posted here. I will reach out to see if there is an update. Thank you. ~Suzy