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These terms that USAA continues to use are beyond laughable. If a member posts regarding a specific issue, the canned answer seems to be that they'll get a SUBJECT MATTER EXPERT to review the issue. What is this...an episode of Perry Mason (CSI for you younger folks) ??? If you happen to be one of the members that are fed the line "a member of our EXECUTIVE RESOLUTION TEAM will be calling you....what is a good time", you should go get a copy of War and Peace to read. You'll have it read by the time they get through all of their BS and never offer up a solution. Take heed service members and families: save yourself time, money and stress and do your banking, insurance and investment business elsewhere. USAA no longer cares about us members. 


That seems to be the case. I got a call yesterday about an issue. During our call they were very polite and seemed quite helpful.

I received information about whom I could speak to for what I wanted, which amounted to just wanting solid advice.

The individual also talked to me about my concern... A secured CC... And was never once told during that conversation that the call was essentially a whitewash. The complaint I had was already resolved, they had gone ahead with what they threatened to do without regard for my need to talk to someone, even as were talking.

Its pretty spectacular. Gotta love talking to people while they are punishing you but making it seem like that isnt whats happening.

kbsa2000, we never want our members to feel like they are being "punished."  We will review this further and reach out to you regarding this.  ~Jen

Jen; I just had a great conversation with 2 customer service personnel about USAA and how I knew about it at five yrs old ( military father) Stumbled on the blogs about Executive Resolution NOT ..... Please do all you can ..... The world has been Delievered a threat by the on slot of the internet that like many Catastrophes we are ignorant to the totality ...... We need you !