Suggest USAA Auto Mobile service provide "No Smoking" as another option in the 'Find Used Vehicle' filter indicating 'no smoking' was allowed in the vehicle. This option would save me a trip to go see a vehicle listed in the results of the search as cigarette & tobacco smoke and that terrible smell is very very difficult to get out from the headliner, seats, and carpet of the vehicle. As soon as I find out it smells like smoke, I leave it alone - no deal.


The Auto Circle feature is operated by TrueCar. You should really voice this valid concern to them. 🍻
Correct COscum, it belongs to TrueCar but USAA can act as an advocate for USAA members. TrueCar will dismiss my suggestion but they will listen USAA.



What a great idea! I have passed this along to our team in charge of the auto services. Thank you for sharing your feedback with us, this is very valuable to us when finding more ways to better serve members.

Thank you USAA.