"Deception" didn't work so let's "Bait and Switch"

Can't say enough good about USAA financial products.  However, when it comes to screening the USAA Auto Circle-True Car program, USAA should be careful when selecting out side provider/vendors.  When the provider/vendor makes false promises to get you into their dealership and does not perform as promised it reflects badly on USAA as well.


I used the USAA Auto Circle-True Car program to see if the auto dealer I was considering buying a new VW CC from was on their list.  Turns out they were not.  I got (3) certificates from local deales here in metro Phoenix.  Chapman VW of Scotsdale advised me that they would beat the deal I had negotiated by $500. 


The long and short of the story was after I went to visit the dealer, they advised that the offer I had recieved was too low and they said the dealer couldn't sell the car for the price I had negotiated.   Now I am in their dealership they advised that they had other vehicles they would sell to me.  I reminded them that they told me they would get the 2015 CC Sport R-Line vehicle from the dealer I had negotiated with.  I advised Chapman that I called my salesman at San Tan to advise of True Car-Chapman of Scottsdale would beat their deal by $500.  San Tan VW said they would not match Chapman's offer. I advised Chapman of this copmmunication with San Tan.  Chapman told me I should not have told San Tan that hey would beat their deal by $500.  Now San Tan will not release the car to them to sell to me.  (Now it's my fault!)   USAA please call me.


Dear Gilly Bob,

Thank you for taking the time to share your experience. I have sent your comment over to a specialist for further review and they will be reaching out to you to discuss your experience in more depth. Thank you.