"Certified" Car Dealership criteria needs improvement

also E.W.
I bought a Mercedes Benz ML350 from a "certified" dealership 2 months ago and it is dead in my garage for the third time since then. The dealer claimed to have put a new battery in before I picked it up. Clearly that was not the case. I believe a more rigorous certification process is in order. I have seen similar complaints in this forum. Best to not certify at all than to put your trusted name on a provider that cannot be trusted.


@also E.W., I am sorry to hear about the Mercedes! I am forwarding every word of your feedback to the appropriate dept now. Thank you for the information!   ~Tom

The dealer called to pretend to be concerned. I called back and informed him the car keeps dying, the transmission slips out of drive WHILE I'm driving and, just this morning, the windshield wipers stopped working in the middle of a downpour. The wipers come back on for a few minutes after I shut the car off and turn it back on. He said they can see about accepting my vehicle as a trade in on a different car. He recommended that I go pay Mercedes to do a full diagnostic (I just had it in for a $800 tune-up and more), that I could bring it back with that diagnostic and, if they could fix it, he could *try* to see about getting a discount on repairs for me. NO! NO! NO! I have only had the car for 2.5 months and it has serious safety issues. Remove these con artists from USAA certified dealer list or do not have a list at all.

Thank you @also E.W. for reaching out to us about your situation.  Thank you for your 14 years of membership and I have forwarded your concerns and situation to the appropriate area for further review of your feedback.  ~ Marco