please explain auto total lost protection


Thank you for reaching out to us today @RDLA. I was able to locate your profile and will engage the appropriate area for best assistance. Once reviewed they will respond via this channel. Please know they are currently out of office however will return during their regular business hours. We appreciate your patience. -Emily 

@RDLA, Thanks for reaching out. Regrettably, as of 10/13/18, Total Loss Protection is no longer offered on vehicle loans. You may want to reach out to our auto insurance team to see if they offer extra coverage for new vehicles.  - Ben

Ben, that's really funny.  Where on your website does it say TLP is gone from USAA?  Let me guess, it buried down in legal mumble jumble.  I just applied for a USAA Auto Loan, thinking I COULD GET TLP, because i had it on 2 previous cars financed with USAA.   Dont you think that after offering a product like TLP for years, you need to really blast it out that you can’t get that no more!!!???   Yes it’s all my fault right?  You will say it’s my fault for not digging into your website first to find you canceled it.  You guys are failing the customers.

Hello, I am very sorry to hear you were not aware that this program is no longer available though USAA. I will get your feedback forwarded to a subject matter expert. -Colleen