mad RN

On June 14, 2018 I accidently made a typo error while paying my monthly car insurance to USAA via my online bill pay from our non-USAA checking account. I realized my error when I found I had a negative balance in my checking account...I had to borrow $2000 to cover the account. I am still trying to get a refund for the amount I sent.  The payment I was attempting to make was 2 weeks early for the 217.00 monthly payment. I was promised a total refund would be received in less than 10 days by mail. When I called today on the 28th of June the check had not been sent and they were going to use the amount to pay off our total car insurance bill premium for the year.. I explained that is now what I wanted because I need the 2317.00 returned so I can repay my debt to the person who loaned me money for my original mistake. I was told previous calls that as soon as i get the check to call and make a payment via phone from my debit card...  now today they opened up a automatic pay with my checking so they can transfer the money into that account. (they say it will be another 4 days before they can transfer the refund but I am worried sick I will not get it) I have been sick about this and doing alot of crying as I need the money returned. My husband is a Viet Nam Vet and our children are Marines and police officers...a family of service. I am an oncology nurse just praying we get our money back .....please can someone follow through to make sure I get the overpayment refunded as soon as possible...I have never been late in paying all these was a typo error that has caused me so much is more than two weeks now and I still have not received the money back.....please can someone help me...


@ mad RN, I can see the seriousness of your situation and I'm engaging a subject matter expert to help with your concerns. Thank you for reaching out today. -Paula