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It's bad enough everytime you are involved in a not at-fault accident and or rock chip claims on the windshield they raise your premiums. Now you got to deal with the way they repair your new cars. I just went out and bought a brand new 2018 Power Wagon and a week later I was involved in two different accidents both not at-fault. They both occurred within a 24-hour time frame. I had damage to two different wheels including other areas of the vehicle. Instead of USAA replacing the wheels they want to repair it and then paint it. After they were repaired and painted over, both Wheels were damaged even worse in the process. I've been in my rental vehicle since the 2nd of January. After I found out today that both Wheels were damaged again while trying to repair them I called the USAA executive team to ask if they would just go ahead and replace them. How foolish am I to think they would do such a nice thing like that. USAA wants me to continue to wait longer so the wheels can go back to get repaired again. It doesn't matter if the truck is brand new. so all you USAA members who have new vehicles good luck with USAA providing quality repair service and or good quality customer service. I'm pretty sure after making this statement on the message board my premiums will go up again for some unforeseen reason even though they say it's not retaliation. And what's even funnier is when USAA executive team reviews the comments that we make on the message board they try to respond back like they care but that's not true I've never had anybody try to rectify an issue while being a member for such a long time. I guess they want members to assume that because they responded back to your complaint or comment it's been resolved but it only goes to members who can care less about us including the executives. As a USAA member you are not treated as individual you're treated as a number.


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