I need current proof of insurabce cards


Hi @SGM Joe, happy to assist you in printing out new proof of insurance cards for your vehicles.  There is a few options to getting to your ID cards immediately.  By visiting your auto policy page on, click on the banner "Get Auto ID Cards" to print or email your insurance cards immediately.  A second option is opening your USAA mobile app and selecting your auto policy and selecting the option "Get Auto ID Cards" from the pop up menu.  Third option is calling our insurance specialist at 800-531-8722 and they will be able to email them out to you as well as chatting with them by selecting the button "Ask USAA" on your auto policy page.  Hope this helps you in getting your ID Cards, if needing additional assistance, please send me a Private Message.   Thank you for trusting USAA with your auto insurance needs.  ~ Marco