i was involved in a car accident where my car got totaled from the rear, come to find out that extra i have been paying on my insurance for car replacement help i am not getting because it is "going to the lien holder" what do they have to do with what i'm paying for? my insurance isnt with them. they basically told me over the phone i'm assed out on getting any type of help for a new car, its sad, its frustrating and ridicoulous, especially since i was at no fault,  this is wrong USAA, i'm not getting a single dime to help my family into a new vehicle


JBfree, I am sorry to hear that you feel we have let you down. I have located your claim and I am escalating the situation to the total loss claims service manager. They will review your file and reach out to you. Thank you.

Unfortunately, your lienholder owns the car not you. They own the title not you. You might get the difference once the remainder of the balance of the loan is paid off. That's how it works. 

Is it a lease or finance? Is the lienholder the vehicle finance company? If so you may have gap insurance included in your contract that makes the lienholder whole.