Car was in a hit and run while we were in TX. Not drivable but thankfully  repairs are covered. 


USAA said they would only cover local tows


What are good options for shipping it back to AZ where I live (1000 miles). 




I am sorry to hear you were involved in an accident- Glad you are ok! Good luck finding a a good shipping company and thank you for posting here in the community!

As I read the question within the posting, it was basically "what's a good option to get the car from TX to AZ".  Wishing the writer "good luck finding a good shipping company" sort of avoids the question altogether.  I was interested in topic myself because I have had a similar situation and wondered what the best way  should have been.  Does USAA have a relationship with shippers that you can recommend?

Hi TopStar,


I am looking into your question, once I have an answer I will post here. Thank you!

much better question and astute observation Topstar!


I think USAA should cover the cost of the shipping or transportation, but they've said no so far. I would have rather gotten the car fixed here instead of a remote fix. I've seen quoted of upto $800 but concerned about reliablity.