I wish to add a person to my account. SHe has car insurance already but is an occational driver how can I add her. I have her CT lic Nr .


second what is the rate for insuring this vehicle:

1997 Ford Ranger Truck

vehicle id




Hello @munchen, I removed the vehicle ID to protect your privacy and vehicle info. If this operator will continue to carry her own insurance, it's not necessary to add them onto your policy. While she is driving your vehicle on occasion, permissive user coverage would apply. A permissive user is any person who has permission to use your vehicle or reasonably believes permission has been granted to use it. If any other driver regularly uses your vehicle and isn't insured elsewhere, you may consider adding them as an additional driver on your policy. Otherwise, they may not be covered in case of a loss. 


If the 1997 Ford Ranger is a vehicle you're considering purchasing you can complete a new quote any time online by selecting your policy from the main page. Then select the option to Add, remove, or delete a vehicle. You'll be able to enter the vehicle details, enter the approximate annual mileage, and make your coverage selections. At the end, you can save or process the quote and any billing changes would be reflected on your next statement. Hope this helps! Pease let us know if we can answer any questions or assist further. -Lori