i have 02 honda accord se runs good good condition

Thia car has been good foe me the past year sun roof only thing is the windshield ia crackes


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So, are windshields covered by USAA car insurance as far as replacement?


Dear Curt5,


Thank you so much for posting your question here in Member Community! Below we have provided a link for frequently asked claims questions and included the section on what is covered under glass coverage. Also, keep in mind that this varies depending if you have opted for the coverage or not. If you are not sure if you have coverage, please give us a call.




What is covered under my glass coverage and how do I file a claim? What is covered under my glass coverage and how do I file a claim?


Cracked, shattered or broken windshields, window glass, sunroofs, t-tops and moon roofs are covered. Headlights or taillights are not considered glass damage and are not covered. Processing and repairs are arranged by Safelite® Auto Glass. You can submit your claim online or call them at 1-888-452-7754. You will need your USAA member number to file a claim.


If you have already had services provided and need reimbursement, you can submit your claim online, use the USAA App on your mobile device or call us at 1-210-531-USAA (that's 1-210-531-8722).