how long time take to pay a claim if every document is correct


I got involved in an accident with a USAA policy member.

My car was declared totaled. I submitt documents very soon.

I confirm a few times (3 at least) that my documentation was correct.

The website mentioned that for non members takes 3 to 7 days.

since my accident alreay 1 month passed, and at least 3 weeks since I submitted my paperwork.


When I try to find status of th payment, magically I lost connection, when I tried again, I go to a different voice recorder, or they are done for the day or not answer at all.


I think they dont understand that I have no car, there is no transportation in my city to go to work, pay lift everyday becasue they didnt extend the car rental.


Is frustraiting, the big lie on the website.


Then, I want to know if someone has sent them to court for bad faith, or if someone know when is a reasonable wait time to complaint on court, my car was value very low however, that should not matter, how am I supposed to replace my car if they dont pay as promise.


Does someone can advice?


I dont wish this problem to anybody.

have a nice day



@Learning2, I hate to hear you feel this way about USAA. We always want to provide you with excellent claim service, and I want to make sure the issues you are experiencing with your claim are addressed for you. Please send me a private message with your claim number and phone number so I can locate your information. I'm hopeful we can resolve your concerns. -LeKisha

Thank you


I sent you a message with the information requested.


Have a good night

Thank you for your response. The claim number is not visible in your message. Can you please resend it at your earliest convenience?

Thank you for the replay, 

I re send the information



@Learning2 - if you don't get a resolution with USAA shortly (within a couple of days), I recommend you file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and with the state insurance commission in your state.   


@USAA - it doesn't seem right that this person can't get a timely response and they now no longer have a rental car to use - is this how you would want to be treated?  There is a huge disconnect between the message that Learning2 is experiencing and the message that USAA wants us to believe with their advertising. 



I hate to say this,  I'm going thru a horrible wait time right now,  it's been 3 weeks since our accident and still no funds for a car. I've had to initiate every process with this and I'm ready to leave...  my last car insurance ordeal with State Farm.... i had a check the very next day after the accident... thinking i will be giving them a call today.

@Lzrdctr, I hate to hear that you are having concerns with the payout of your auto claim. I have located your information and I am escalating this to a specialist to look into. They will review your file and reach out to you.