for SIDNAK82:  Yes family size does matter!!!  I have three children, and my Battlebuddy, who lives nearby, also has three children.  We needed a vehicle that could accomodate SIX CHILDREN/TWO ADULTS = Seating for EIGHT!!!  I did research for a year on the three vehicles within the industry that have this option:  Honda Odyssey, Toyota Sienna, Chrystler Town & Country.

The ultimate test came when I took SEVEN children to each dealership to check out each van (#8 was not out of the oven).  We opened all the doors and the children climbed and poked and prodded and asked the salesmen all types of questions.  We took our time, and at the end of each session, the children would tell me what they did or did not like about each one. 

The Winner??  Honda Odyssey, no questions.  I did some poking and prodding on different sites, and found a 2012 model with only 12K miles on it, with all the bells and whistles the children wanted.  I did have a tow package put on it, which has already paid for itself.  I have owned all types of vehicles, from both domestic and foreign manufacturers, but this van is very versatile and practical.  The children can all do something: watch vid, plug in a game system, charge a cell phone, lay back, chat with each other, and there is still some room for luggage! 

After the kids are grown and out of the house, then I can have my truck!!!  What do I want?  Dodge Ram Dually, Cummings Diesel Long Bed - for a woman who is only 5 feet tall - I think I will need a foot stool, too.  :-)




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Can You Guess a USAA Military Member's Branch by Their Car?


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