This is my third attempt at a post and will keep it short to avoid crossing any moderation guidelines (which I have no idea why previous two posts were removed).


1,) Windshield is cracked and claim filed online, response was very fast (unsure if it was usaa or safellite) to schedule an appointment. I took off work early to ensure I would make it. Only problem here was they did not tell me how long it would take.

2.) Arrived at safellite and was told it would take 3 hours for replacement. I explained I had to leave to pick-up my children in 2 1/2 hours. the front desk lady asked and two separate technicians said it could be done in 2 hours. After about fifteen minutes a third tech came and explained they 'normally' schedule two hours for windshield and two hours for lane departure system recalibration. I told him I had to leave in 2 1/2 hours and he suggested we do not proceed. I do not know how much they were going to charge total - but they asked how I was going to pay the full $500 deductible. I left.

3.) I made three calls for estimates at other (non-safellite) companies and all were between $300 and $350. Final installed price is $350 which I accepted due to positive online reviews.


Simply posting for others to make informed decisions they do have choices on their windshield replacement.