I want to thank usaa for making me feel like this was the best place to put my money...unfortunately they are of no help to me and I might as well go to capital one...I'm on veterans affairs disability and can't get an auto loan...lol thanks capital one for the loan....If only I had served my country and was able to bank with someone who caters to their clients (definitely did)...


100 percent agree

What was the reason you couldn't get a loan from USAA.   Usually it is either you don't meet the credit eligibility or do not have sufficient debt to income ratio.

Dear jen6,

I have escalated your comments to an insurance specialist to see what is going on. Thank you for your service and for taking the time to comment here.

Wow maybe i should have never opened my account with USAA. The only reason i did was because i needed 300 extra bucks that they said they would deposit once i had two direct deposits. Well 4 direct deposits and 3 months later still no 300 credit. I was told it would be in there by Sep 30th at the latest. Then maybe USAA should advertise open a checking account and you will be credited 300 bucks in 4 months. That along with reading other comments on here really had me rethinking using this company. Looks lime they serve themselves instead of military families. Shame on you USAA for not helping a disabled Vet!



All members who qualify for the $300 bonus will receive the deposit no later than 09/30/2015. If you have not received the deposit by this date, please be sure to give us a call at 1-800-531-8722.


Hope this helps - thank you for posting in the community!

 I do agree with you.  There are alot of promises that are left up to you to be blamed for to "follow up on."  I hope you have received you benefit.