I had an accident oct 2018, car is a 2018 VW tiguan Limited with 527 miles . Was repaired at  cost of $7200 and some changes. USAA is offering me a $850 non negotiable check for diminished in value of my new car with 527 miles that went under a $7200 repair. During the repair at a USAA certified store my car was damaged, the cost of this repair was not disclosed. Which is illegal. I have rejected their offer and they told me that i have to present suppoting documents, got a certified appraisal done, and guess what; my car lost $3200 in value, USAA is telling me that my certified appraisal is not accurate. Since the texas insurrance commissioner can not enforce anything in this matter, i have figure out a way to get justice.  A civil court against my own insurance  provider. Because someone without insurance hit us and the one USAA has to harass is the insured driver who was driving correctly. It has to change.