33 years I've been with USAA.  Get into a slide-on-ice fender bender (5 mph) and when its time for a rental while my car is in the shop, USAA denies the AWD car.  Says the Subaru is "too expensive an upgrade".  Montana.  Winter.  Ice.  AWD too expensive?  And another insurance claim is a better value?  Or, should I just pull the plug and move my insurance, banking, VISA to another company?  What the heck is USAA thinking?


@ranger1183, I am terribly sorry to hear about your concerns regarding your rental car. I have located your information and I am escalating this to a specialist to review. They will reach out to you within one full business day.

Shop around.  You will better rates and customer service than what USAA offers.

I have had two claims with USAA over the many years and both times they were great.  No issues, while you may find a better rate somewhere I not sure you will find better coverage and better concern.  This was a untrained or uninformed rep.  I would not change if I were you.

Better rates - How about 40% lower than USAA for better coverage with a major company.  And for the first renewal, that rate was lowered 20%.  When have you ever experienced USAA lowering their rates 20%.  Shop around.  USAA is not the company they once were nor do they provide the customer service they once did.