After 30 plus years with USAA,my auto policy cancelled due to non-payment. I had called in May explaining my place of business shut down etc and was told not to worry , that USAA understood and to let them know when I returned to work. I returned to work this week after being off since March and we are only able towork part timeas the company is struggling to get back on it's feet as well. My auto policy cancelled  a couple weeks ago and now USAA is telling me they need the premium paid in full in order to re-instate me.  Just returned to work on a part time basis and don't have the entire payment for a 6 month premium and asked if it could be split into 2 payments  but was told no.  Is this the understanding I was told not to worry about? USAA called me I was told only my phone was off for 6 weeeks and so I did not get any message.  No income for 4 months makes it very hard to survive . This virus is killing my life .Thanks for not being understanding or having my back during what is an extreme hardship completely out of my hands .  Over 30years I have paid USAA and they couldn't help me out for 4 months .WOW! I believed in this company but like everything else it comes down to the money... "no money, we can't help you"  should be the company slogan.


@30 years, I'm sorry to hear of the misfortune you have experienced over the last several months.  This is certainly not the experience we want for any of our members and I have shared your feedback with the appropriate area. I sincerely hope that things are much better for you from here on out. ~Danielle