I have 51 years with the place, and in the past 10-15 years, especially in the last two, the arrogance, insularity, and certainty of only getting corporate-speak BS has become intolerable.  

Somebody in this forum said "I bet if I had a million dollers invested I'd get good service."  No you wouldn't, I can assure you from experience.

They have perfected the ability to lie, ignore, mislead, sweet-talk, of the great con artists.  Bernie Madoff in San Antonio.  The latest alias for the Mafia Don That Runs The Place is "Stuart Parker":  don't believe it; you will never get a straight answer out of these people.  I have started the disengagement.  BEWARE


I have experienced the same communication you have, the sweet talking, spin you in circles over the phone, throw a few numbers at you and manipulate you to think their offer is the only and best deal you'll get despite how pitiful it is, and also how inaccurate it is too.  You can read my similar story that i posted in their forum under the car section titled