completre customer care fail

current auto claim. We have been USAA members for nearly 28 years, and up until the this claim and the one on January 5th 2022 we have alway be happy with the customer service provided. We have recommended USAA to anyone that has asked us about our insurance.  Sadly we have now started the process of researching other insurance companies that can offer adequate personal customer service.


Our 2020 Jeep Gladiator was stolen on July, 18th 2022. We started the claims process on that day, and since that time we have had nothing but frustration . We were assigned to a claims agent Zachary Hindt. This agent has still failed to contact us at any point during the investigation. We have done everything requested of us, including the affidavit. We immediately filled it out , paid to have it notarized and mailed in per instructions emailed to us. We did have a positive interaction with David Siewiorek, we felt as if he was listening and going to see the claim to the end. Yet, we tried to reach David a couple days later and it proved futile as with Mr. Hindt. We did communicate with Michael Hardy, he was very helpful and again we thought we had one agent that was going to see this through to the end. He told us he is the lead and would help us get to the finish line. The target date for settling was August 3rd.  Since that call with Michael new information on the case has come to light. We have made multiple attempts and spent hours on the phone trying to reach Michael to get some answers.

I spoke to Shannon ( she refused to give her last name) I was so upset at this point it was by far the worst call since the truck was stolen. She was so condescending and not in the least bit compassionate or helpful. I would like to point out that ‘Shannon’ is not the representation for your company that loyal customers would like to be met with.

I asked to be connected to a supervisor which she said would happened in 24-48 hours. I told her that was unacceptable. She placed me on hold and tried to get me to supervisor which never happened. I then tried to reach customer care thinking there must be a way to get someone to help. I spoke with a very compassionate customer service rep in I believe works in banking, she took my information , she listened, she messaged Michael Hardy and also sent my complaint to upper management. She told me Michael had me on his list of calls to make that day and would be calling me back. Michael did make an attempt to call me at 1:04 Pm Friday 7/29 and left me a voicemail. I missed the call. I called him right back at 1:05 PM and was unsuccessful in reaching him. His voice mail said he would call me back before he left for the say which was 6:00 PM, I kept my phone in hand the rest of the day but his call never came. I sent notes on the app. In claim status. I got a generic response saying a supervisor would contact me in 24-48 business hours . It is now Monday, August 1st and no calls have been received. Everyday that passes is costing USAA money, in impound fees from Tijuana, rental car fees in California and the loss of a 27+ year customer.


I am asking for help in getting this resolved. I am asking for one agent to follow this to the end. I am asking for  daily communication from that one agent. I don’t believe any of my requests are unreasonable. An insurance company should provide you with the assurance that when life happens, we will be covered.

I am requesting a call back today August, 1st , 2022.

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Dear @LFWejr This post has been moved from the “Discuss: Car” area to the "Support: Insurance" area to ensure the appropriate team is addressing your post. Thank you.

I bet you are longing for the the "old USAA" to come back.  What has been intentionally done to USAA is a disgrace.

@jacjill, I can certainly understand your concerns and frustration with the claims process. I am escalating your concerns for additional review so that we may have an opportunity to address them. Once reviewed you will be contacted directly with further assistance. Thank you. -Cynthia