Does anyone know how many damage claims within a certain period will result in cancellation of the policy? I'm a Vietnam era Navy and have had USAA auto, homeowners, and umbrella coverage for the last 6 years. My wife and I have had two at fault claims in the last 3 years. The most recent was two in the last month. 


@flieswithbirds- Hi, thank you for your service!  I took a peek at the account and do not see any cause for concern, but I cannot discuss things in detail via this contact channel. If you have questions about what may cause the policy to not be renewed, like the number of at fault accidents, we would be happy to discuss with you in detail. Each state can have unique requirements etc. We can review the details with you over the phone at 800-531-8722. Monday – Friday 6am – 10pm CST, Saturday 8am – 8pm CST and Closed Sunday. I will note the USAA account that you had questions about this. ~Shawna