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yet another issue with CCC, comps aren't using correct trim line when comparring vehicle and no one will do anything about it.  provided build sheets from the manufature on the 3 vehicles CCC/USAA used plus my vehicle to show them the information was incorrect.  they didnt do anything about it.  usaa once again fails me in this claim process, this was a 3 day repair turned into a 6 week nightmare because nobody is doing there job correcttly.


@atram0rs, I am sorry to hear about your vehicle damages and the frustration you encountered with your total loss claim.  I asked the claims service manager to research your situation further and to follow up with you as soon as possible.  Thank you for your membership and letting us know about your matter.  ~ Robert

now im being told because the wrong comps were not used, that i have to get the vehicle move so not to incure storage charges.  i have submitted comps that have the same trim line as mine and nothing has been done.  I asked to get reimbusmnet for the shop charges that were incurred from your IANET estimator.  I was give a net amount of $7313.92.  Submitted a ticket for $244.99 for the shop charges and the new net amount went to $7472.22  Im no math major...but it doesnt add up... 

@atram0rs, I forwarded your additional concerns to the claims service manage for review and follow up.  Thanks ~ Robert.

i appreciate you trying to help, i went onto USAA used car buying website and TrueCar and put in my vehicle information in, Audi A3 4dr HB S tronic FrontTrak PZEV 2.0T Premium Plus, with a nation wide search.  It populate 4 vehicles, all SLine.  Why are you guys not using your own information?  I can't help it that they are unable to find a 2009 for sale in the US, it took me 6 months to find this car when i purchased it back in 2012.

the saga continues, i was told i should see a new market report within 4 hours yesterday.  It has been a little over 24 now.  any chance someone can follow up on this?  I have moved my car to safe and secure location per the usaa rep, but im unsure how long until they start charging storage.

A new report and still the same issue, no proper Trim line was used.   I need a supervisor to call me this is absurd!  You had 5 comps, one without a VIN and none of the others are for sale.


I have now research 7 vehicles with Audi that you all have used to try and pass off a comparable models.  This isnt going to work!  I can pull build sheets all day and you all need to compare APPLES TO APPLES!


I have provided 3 comps that are all "s line", and they are not being used.  i need help please!  what happen to the days when USAA looked out for the families of military?  


To top it off...


They game me $182 for 4 new tires i just bought 5 months ago.  I still havent been reimburssed for the shop charges that i paid out of my own pocket, yesterday, that was almost $250!