Hello, we are travelling to Maui, Hawaii and are renting a car. We have our car insurance through USAA. 1. Does our USAA car insurance cover rentals? if not... 2. Should we need to purchase extra insurance through the rental company? 3. May we show our current USAA car insurance card to show we have coverage through you? Thanks for your help in answering our questions. Mary Ann and Robert Reardon - USAA members


@MA4, those are all great question! You are covered for the liability and physical damage coverage you have purchased on your USAA auto policy, with a few exception such as:

  • Loss of use of the vehicle, if damaged.
  • Decrease in the value of the vehicle due to any damage sustained.
  • Administrative costs.
  • The right to repair or salvage the damaged vehicle.

You will be able to use your USAA insurance ID card. Follow these links with more information and tips: and Hope you find this information helpful. Have a fun and safe trip! -Cynthia

USAA’s reply is not complete. BC you need to call the main USAA phone number, access car rental, choose the car rental company. But one company’s representative response from one company was that USAA insurance did not cover loss of use. USAA told me this will be corrected but it seems this puts us members at risk.