2007 Hyundai Santa Fe

FWD 4dr Auto SE w/XM


 I purchased this vehicle from North Freeway Hyundai dealership in Spring, TX, on 11/28/2015.  I brought the vehicle back two weeks later for a noise in the steering column that was unable to be duplicated by the service department, at that time; and repair of the front passenger visor.  Mark Statler sold me the vehicle, and at the time, he said he just had to hit the visor hard to get it to stay.  The visor is actually broken, though; and I am reminded every time I go over bumps in the road.  Subsequently, I called and left a message with Mark about the rear windshield wiper fluid leaking into the cargo area of the car.  I told him that I wanted it on record that I was taking the car into another Hyundai dealership near my work, because I was unable to take time off to bring it to Spring.  It has been less than 30 days, and I wanted someone to know about these issues.  I had Mark check to see if the 4yr, 48000 mi platinum bumper to bumper ext warranty that I purchased was in the system, so that I would not have to worry about waiting past the 30 day mark.  He said that it should be in effect.  I called the Ron Carter Hyundai in Friendswood, TX and gave the service department the vin number and they confirmed that it was in the system.  I called last Tuesday, but yesterday, 12/23/2015, was the closest open date.  I dropped off the vehicle, in the morning, and was told I would be charged the diagnostic fee and they would call me back.  I was informed that the motor is leaking oil in two places.  The rear brake light being broken (prior to purchase) was causing the wiper fluid to leak into the cargo area of the vehicle.  The TPMS rear left sensor is damaged and needs to be replaced.  The visor is broken, as stated.  The radiator hoses are both leaking.  The noise in the steering column is related to the rack and pinion steering.  If the Carfax and the oil change sticker that was in the car are to be believed, the car has not had an oil change for 15000 miles.  I wanted the oil changed, but due to the motor leaking oil, they were not able to change the oil.  The service technician spoke with the ext warranty people, who agreed that these were preexisting conditions that could not have occurred in the 3 weeks of ownership.  He also stated that he wanted to send an inspector to check out the vehicle, because some of these things are on the UCI report and should have been taken care of prior to being advertised for sale.  He also stated that with some of these problems, an ext warranty should only have been sold to me if these things had been checked out and repaired, first.  When I called to speak with the Manager at North Freeway Hyundai, he advised that I bought a used car and that there is really nothing I can do about it.  The ext warranty people said that these would not be covered due to the preexisting conditions.  The estimated repair costs are about $2000.00.  I bought the car through the USAA buying service with True Car. I spoke with them and they said that they would try to talk to their liaison at the dealership. As of yet, there has been no outreach from the dealership or TrueCar, that I am aware of.


I would like this resolved immediately, or I would like to sell the car back for purchase price so that I can buy another vehicle, elsewhere.  The ext warranty (purchased through the Hyundai dealership) claim number is 2298659, and everything has been documented. 


Please advise as to the next step in this process.






I'd be highly upset. Ball was dropped by numerous people. Good luck.

Dear car3, I have sent your comment to a specialist for further research and review and they will be I touch personally to discuss your car buying experience. Thank you.