kind of dissapointed with this service this time around.  A few years ago we used it and it worked well.  They didnt have the exact vehicle we were looking for, but it was close enough that it really didnt matter.  This time, there was nothing even close to what we wanted at 4 of the 5 dealers that were selected.  finally 1 dealer had what we wanted that was close enough, but they had all kinds of dealer add ons that "could not be removed" but they wouldnt honor the Dodge $1000 incentive because it was already reduced.  How does the USAA incentive work?  Does USAA give the dealer the money or is just another manufacturers incentive available to only USAA members?  We ended up getting the car after hours of negotiating as well as leaving and they called us back, but to me this  "benefit" was more of a hassle than it is worth. 



We strive to provide exceptional services for our membership and I regret to hear this was not the case this time around using the Car Buying Service. I will ensure to forward your feedback to the right team for review. We appreciate you sharing your experience with us and helping us improve. Thank you!