Lone Oak

I used to live in Grand Prairie Texas [removed sensitive data], now I live on a farm in Lone Oak texas. The computer system will not recognize my address because it is a private road:   ** private road 3**, Lone Oak, Tx [removed sensitive data]-0725, our mail is delivered to PO box 7** where I recieve my USAA credit card statement. But this system will not let me delete Grand Prairie address for where car is garaged. And I drive to DFW airport , roughly [removed sensitive data] a year. Please help


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Hi@Lone Oak! Thank you for your interest in USAA! I certainly understand how this can be frustrating for you and happy to help! Please know I've updated your quote to reflect your current physical address. When ready, you can locate your saved quote and update information by choosing My USAA > Inbox: My Alerts and Actions > View All Messages. If your quote is not listed, please select Auto Insurance under the PRODUCTS tab on top of this page and select Retrieve a Saved Quote link. ~ Stacy