By far, the worst experience I have ever had, with anyone person or corporation. After USAA agreed to a car loan with me, they summarily cancelled the loan. How is it legal to sign documents then just cancel? USAA did not even have the decency to email me, call me, nothing. Then when I tried to speak with someone about resolving this issue, I was given several lame excuses, like well it isn't our responsibility to help you. It took 4 tries to finally get a loan. However, USAA did 4 hard credit checks, causing my credit score to plummet. I bet if it were someone of importance or money or a head honcho @ USAA you bet your a** someone would have jumped to attention and resolved the situation, to their satisfaction. I pray anyone who reads this understands all USAA cares about is money. If they really appreciated our military service, they wouldn't bend people like me over and have their way. The only reason my loan is still here is due to several factors, part of which involves USAA taking a wrecking ball to my credit. Hopefully, someone reads this and it causes them to go elsewhere for not just car loans.


jabo2, I can see you're upset with the handling of your loan application. This is definitely not the type of experience we expect you to have. I've located your information and will forward it to a subject matter expert to review your situation further. I ask that you allow sufficient time for completion of their review and we will follow up with you. - Ben

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