My son plans to buy a car that he currently leases when the lease expires on 5/31/19.  The car is currently insured by USAA under my son's account.  Ideally I'd like his insurance policy to continue under his financial obligation and the loan to be in his name although I will be making the payments.  How do we get this in place?  What do we need to provide to finance the car with you? How much lead time do you need to produce the check for the purchase?  Do you send the check to my son, me or directly to the leasing company?


Hello @Galotsie, Thank you for considering USAA for your lending needs in regards to your sons buying options. To best assist you with each of these questions, please contact our Auto Loan Specialists at 210-531-8722 or via secure online chat 24/7 when you select Contact Us. Have a great day! ~ Lori C

Don't trust USAA when it comes to a leased vehicle. I was in a no-fault accident back in February. They paid the bank (incorrectly) more than a month after the fact. I had to walk USAA through the process of fixing their mistake and they ultimately did not pay the full value of the vehicle according to their own valuation report. I still have not received a settlement though it was promised in the first week of the claims process.


Just hope that your son never has to make a claim with USAA.

Hi @Galotsie 

I wanted to follow up. I asked Joe Roasles, who answered some leasing FAQ here to go into more detail regarding your question.


Here is what he had to say:

USAA can assist in applying for a loan when the lease is up on the current vehicle; this is called a lease buyout. In order to apply for this type of loan, please call USAA, 800-531-8722, to complete a loan application. The Member Service Representative will walk you through the process. We recommend 15 – 30 days lead time, to allow for submitting of documents (as needed).


It is most effective to notify the leasing company that you will be buying the vehicle. You will need to obtain a buyout price for the vehicle and how long that price is valid for. You will also want to find out if the buyout price includes tax, title, and licenses fees.

The lease company will send you a buyout packet that includes an odometer disclosure statement. The lease company must receive this packet back before USAA Bank Check (payoff) arrives to prevent any delays.  USAA will send the check directly to the leasing company when the new loan is funded.


If you have further questions or would like to begin your loan process, please call USAA at, 800-531-8722.


Thank you!


You can read more Leasing FAQ here: