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My request for an Auto loan was denied because USAA couldn't see my credit report. (that's what the loan disclosure thingy said)How can I work with USAA to either provide them the credit report, or ensure that USAA can request one for consideration?
I have been a member for nearly 40 years and the changes in CUSTOMER SERVICE at USAA couldn't be more stark!Your TV ad says "member john doe" was contacted by USAA before he could even assess the damage... [Does NOT happen this way]Then it says john had his repairs before his neighbor could even get...
I am not happy that USAA once again sent me a refund credit check when I explictly did not request one. It is simply a waste of my time and money, and USAA's time and money. As of 02-21-20 I got notice there was $29.68CR on my USAA Auto Insurance. This refund was NOT an over-payment but a refund for...
[removed sensitive data] member # I would like for my wife to use her account to obtain car insurance on a 2017 Honda Pilot 56, 000 miles
Dear USAA:In May of 2018, USAA opened a claim on my auto insurance account for an accident nobody in this household had. Period!Twice I filed a grievance to get an explanation as to why I had a claim filed BY USAA on my auto policy. Nothing heard, I let it go. There was never any follow-up BY ANYONE...
and USAA decides to use my policy to get my deductible? What happened to the company that I used to know and love? I hear that Geico is really nice these days.
i drive my car once a week just to get the motor running. Shouldn't I have a low premium? I pay $500/yr
Does USAA offer an AAA roadside assiatance service?-Rudder
I have been a USAA member for 5 years. I have used USAA for insurance, loans, and everyday banking. In late June, I was rear ended by someone on a major interstate. Initially I wasn't concerned because I knew I could trust USAA to handle everything. I WAS WRONG!.I contacted USAA about a rental car. ...
Auto insurance Rates have gone through the roof what happened that everyone being increased is the company in trouble Been a member 25 years now never seen so many complaints
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