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Im trying to apply for my first auto loan, and its asking me about my income. It doesnt say anything about annually or monthly or anything like that, so what are they looking for?
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I deferred my auto loan back in April ONLY because when I called and spoke w USAA they assured me that if I did, because of Covid & the Cares Act my credit would absolutely not be affected. I had just received my pre-approval based on my credit score at the time and was in the process of putting an ...
? is my rate
I have purchased a Volvo XC90 for 54,000. I am putting down $25,000 cash. I would like to finance the $24, 600 through USAA Bank. What is your best APR for this Auto Loan. I have a credit score of 820 or greater. **** ***Moderator comment: Removed personal data from post
USAA was once a great company. There are many evaluations that start with this perspective. I've been buying vehicles and dealing with banks since 1975. My experience 2 weeks ago with USAA and True Car has told me never to use that buying service again.- I followed USAA guidelines & instructions for...
is it possible to get ford x plan pricing via USAA membership? USAA is listed as a partner but I have not seen any information on it.
I'm a long time member and have used the USAA car buying service... in the past you were able to print your USAA price and walk into a dealer knowing the cost of your vechile... Now you go through the steps of selecting / building your vechile and at the end you get a tease... you want to see the tr...
Friends, I was humbled the other day by an experience I had while purchasing a new auto. I found the right car at the right price and had completed almost all the pre-work before going for the test drive to seal the deal. The day was going very well and I was simply surprised by the professionalism,...
We are purchasing our 22 year old sons car as a lease buyout.should we cosign a loan for him so he can establish credit? He is a full time college student and we will be making the payments.
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