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Dear @Duley This post has been moved from the “Discuss: Car” area to the "Support: Insurance" area to ensure the appropriate team is addressing your post. Thank you.
I have recieved my title for my truck. After 30 years with usaa I am cutting ties with usaa . It is no longer the company that it used to be.
Is the only way to find out how much I could be approved for on a used auto loan is to fill out steps then submit?? I just didnt want to go through process and be denied incase it hurts credit inquiry, or does it not affect it and will I be notified of whatever amount I do qualify for???
Thank you for taking the time to share the details of your experience. I have moved your post from the "Discuss: Car" board to the "Support: Insurance" board to ensure it is properly addressed. Thanks again for posting in community.
Reviewing my insurance coverages, since my mini van has reached the age of 13, I am contemplating whether I still need certain coverages. Plus, USAA offers senior discounts along with their other discounts?
Twice I have had the misfortune of needing a tow, and a rental car. both times I called the USAA number, only to brushed off to a phone App., and then sent to a third party company..... WHO ASKED ALL THE SAME information from the phone app! Thia IS NOT WHAT I PAY USAA FOR!. Then the third party didn...
USAA used to have a car negotiation service for it's members. Since that has been discontinued, what thrid party service (for example Motertrend) is recommended? Thanks
I am wondering if I will get a discount on my auto insurance policy if I that the AAA 55+Online Driver Improvement Program and submit the course results? Piney1
It's very difficult to contact USAA from overseas. The contact form in the message center was forcing me to choose only insurance options. We're trying to get preapproval for an a used car loan at our post in Rome, and since we have a DPO, we can not apply online until USAA knows what country we're ...
“You can just Google it.”I called USAA regarding GAP insurance. The representative informed me USAA no longer issues GAP insurance. She went on to tell me the year they stoped and why. I asked her if USAA had any recommendations and she told me I could go on line and GOOGLE it. SMH is this the USAA ...

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