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In the past I have used USAA to help me find a particular brand of automobile. I cannot find this on the site? Does anyone know if they are still in business to help the members find an automobile?
I have been a customer of USAA's for over 22 years and have always been thrilled with their service. I have used their insurance, banking and investment accounts and they have always taken care of me. However, this is not a story that speaks of praise for USAA and the treatment of their customers. O...
Hi @Hammer89074 Thank you for taking the time to share your experience. I have moved your post to the Support: Banking board to ensure it is properly addressed. Thank you.
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Wow has this company gone downhill. Claims use to be a breeze. Now I can't even get in answer. First I am told my hit and run is comprehensive now it is collision and I guess I am expected to make arrangements to get my own appraisal. Guess my car won't get fixed. No wonder veterans are no longer re...
...just like Rob Gronkowski would. Maybe rates would be lower if USAA didn't spend so much money on TV advertising that redundantly states the obvious (the required military connection)? Perhaps the TV advertising should remind customers that you should have a home in order to get home insurance, be...
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Somewhere I read that I should get on this board to find out how to request USAA Half Century Member window decals for my, that's why I'm here. I have contacted USAA through my USAA webpage on several occasions, but that has been a totally non-productive effort. I was successful in ge...
Has anyone switched back to USAA from State Farm using USAA's new driving tool like SF uses? Just curious, I don't plan to switch because my truck no longer runs and USAA doesn't offer Motorcycle insurance in Louisiana, but just curious. I might get a new truck this year.
Trying to send prior proof of ins to them but dont see anywhere to upload doc or pix..can anyone hlep?
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