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is a Subaru Crosstrek any good?
My son is looking for a vehicle. Something solid and dependable. He lives in LA so anything nearby. Appreciate your kindness
I provided the other party’s insurance information to USAA. You guys have given my dr the run around instead of clearly communicating that you are verifying liability and coverage. Thanks to you guys they almost dropped me as a patient. Ridiculous incompetence.
Anyone else finding the USAA Safe Pilot app to be a problem. I have had it record phone usage, when I never touch my phone while driving. It's usually in my pocket or in the cup holder. Also whoever wrote the algorithm for Harsh braking has never driven in the city or on a high-speed Interstate high...
lost my vehicle due to being unemployed and denied benefits, my rent is overdue 2 months and raft ( rental assistance ) have not helped. Are there any resources out there that I can reach out to? A1C- Angel Rxxxxxxxxx*Moderation note: Your post has been modified to protect your personal information.
So, I have a family member 20 years old who doesn't have a DL yet. I wanted to teach him to drive but in Arizona, one can only get a learners permit up to age 18. Not over. He can take the written test no problem but how can I get him some time on the road if he has no kind of license. And will USAA...
Let me begin by saying I have been a USAA member for close to 35 years. At the beginning of September my daughter was hit while away at college.The other driver left the scene of the accident after providing his insurance information. My daughter called the police and was informed that they only res...
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Dear @Sarge1947 This post has been moved from the “Discuss: Car” area to the "Support: Insurance " area to ensure the appropriate team is addressing your post. Thank you.
I have been a USAA member for almost 40 years and typing that just blew my mind. My daughter and her husband are driving my car which is insured by USAA, and I bought their car as they're moving to Europe next week, and won't need a car. And because of the move and all the details they are not stres...

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