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My request for an Auto loan was denied because USAA couldn't see my credit report. (that's what the loan disclosure thingy said)How can I work with USAA to either provide them the credit report, or ensure that USAA can request one for consideration?
I am not happy that USAA once again sent me a refund credit check when I explictly did not request one. It is simply a waste of my time and money, and USAA's time and money. As of 02-21-20 I got notice there was $29.68CR on my USAA Auto Insurance. This refund was NOT an over-payment but a refund for...
[removed sensitive data] member # I would like for my wife to use her account to obtain car insurance on a 2017 Honda Pilot 56, 000 miles
Dear USAA:In May of 2018, USAA opened a claim on my auto insurance account for an accident nobody in this household had. Period!Twice I filed a grievance to get an explanation as to why I had a claim filed BY USAA on my auto policy. Nothing heard, I let it go. There was never any follow-up BY ANYONE...
and USAA decides to use my policy to get my deductible? What happened to the company that I used to know and love? I hear that Geico is really nice these days.
i drive my car once a week just to get the motor running. Shouldn't I have a low premium? I pay $500/yr
Does USAA offer an AAA roadside assiatance service?-Rudder
I have been a USAA member for 5 years. I have used USAA for insurance, loans, and everyday banking. In late June, I was rear ended by someone on a major interstate. Initially I wasn't concerned because I knew I could trust USAA to handle everything. I WAS WRONG!.I contacted USAA about a rental car. ...
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Auto insurance Rates have gone through the roof what happened that everyone being increased is the company in trouble Been a member 25 years now never seen so many complaints
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