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Dear @All gave some This post has been moved from the “Discuss: Car” area to the "Support: Insurance" area to ensure the appropriate team is addressing your post. Thank you.
Just started using this new feature. Has promise, but needs work. First, the mapping app itself is terrible. the routes shown don't come close to the actual routes driven. Second, the waypoints listed, by letter (a,b, etc) are not shown on the map. Third the waypoints named are not where the car was...
Im interested in purchasing a truck with financing through USAA but I have a very important question. This vehicle has a salvage rebuilt title and has been beautifully rebuilt. The dealership has it for sale for a very good price and Im very interested in it, eventhough theres always that anticipati...
Hello I have gotten approve by an auto loan and think I may have found a car. My father told me I need to send you guys the VIN in order for you to review the car prior to purchase. How would I go about that.
Thanks for your comment. In order to make sure its properly addressed I have moved it to the Support Insurance Board. Thank you.
Thanks for your question about an Auto Loan. I have moved it to the bank Support Board. Thank you!
So is USAA trying to be hip and cool by giving us a forum to complain? This seems as useless as a suggestion box. People think they get heard and they complain here instead of wasting their time on the phone. I guess its a win/win for everyone
So short and sweet. May 20th guy runs red light destroys my car. May 27th they five me a number for totaled car. June 1st sent the paper work for them to pay the settlement number. Was given a rental from the 20th to the 3rd (includes 7 days of "after declaring totaled"). Today is June 30th. They st...
I have been a USAA auto insurance customer for about 20 years, and a second generation insured by USAA. I have touted USAA to friends and family. But not any more! Recently I received my new 6 month insurance bill and found that it was raised 65%! When I called to inquire the reason, I was given all...
Where do I find the info on new car purchase program? discounts?

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