letting you know a disturbing incident I had at Royal Palm Beach Enterprise Car rental location, I was just informed today that I have been placed on the Do not Rent list. 2 weeks ago I made a reservation through Enterprise Member Plus website as I am a platinum member . Me and my wife have been renting for the past 3 years with Enterprise.   we have spent almost $[removed sensitive data] over 3 years So I went to the Royal Palm Beach branch location where I set up my reservation. I was met by Ricardo on Sunday he took my license and credit card when he swiped my credit card it didn’t work Ricardo informed me to come back tomorrow Monday to try again. I spoke with my bank they said that the representative was putting the charge through for more than the rental so they declined. I returned Monday afternoon to the royal palm beach location, Ricardo was assisting a customer a woman with a rental car, so I went to another agent he went into the system and was helping me, he had an issue and reached out to Ricardo for help. Ricardo then informed me I had to leave go back home redo my reservation to get car I asked him why he didn’t tell me this on Sunday when I was there as I had taken my lunch break to get the car which we needed that day, he said that’s the policy and brushed me off. So the other agent was looking something up I informed Ricardo he should have told me the day before as I used my lunch break to try and get the car I then  asked the agent assisting me originally if he could give me the corporate number to Enterprise and I was upset with the situation and the outcome I want nasty wasn’t yelling cursing or anything else. Ricardo took my license from the agent printed out some phone numbers handed me my license and the phone numbers and told me to go use another car rental agency, handed me my license and said he would never rent a car to me again. I looked at him shocked that he spoke to me that way that he sent me to your competitor and did it in front of a customer. I went back to my office and called enterprise plus customer service to file a formal complaint. I also reached out to the office of the CEO or somebody high up in enterprise for assistance the representative told me he saw my formal complaint in the system a manager would be reaching out to me. 2 weeks later I am still waiting my wife called and tried to speak with Ricardo and reason with him he said I refuse to rent to you guys ever again and would quit his job if you told him to rent to me . I called today to inquire when I would be contacted regarding my formal complaint only to be told I was placed on the do not rent list.


 I have spent a lot of money with enterprise over the years  and think I should be treated a little better then this and to then have a spiteful employee of enterprise put my on a black ball list out of spite and retribution is disgusting and unheard of. I was hoping to share my storytell one of enterprise employees is allowed to speak to a customer that way why he can tell me use a competitor and then place you on a do not rent list out of spite and retribution for filing a formal complaint against him for unprofessional behavior I was not yelling cursing being disruptive in any way I simply asked for the a corporate number. 2 weeks late no phone call from anyone just a slap in the face for all my years of loyal business to enterprise to be placed on a black ball list I am reaching out to legal counsel to see if this is even legal I did nothing to warrant this action. do not use enterprise as there employess will tell you when you upset them since this behaviour is enouraged  So be advised at any point in your delaing with enterprise you can be blacked balled and all your years of loyalty to this company enterpise car rentals will be for naught and they will black ball you and put on the there do not rent list for no other reason then becsuse you upset there employee. I reached out to the top 3 at Enterprise and to this day all 3 have not even ackknowledged the emails they recieved you are not even a number to them