auto loan says pending even after being told we were approved and giving the provided e-check form to dealer?

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my husband and i purchased a car on saturday from a dealer we contacted via the usaa car buying service. we were told everything was in order with the usaa loan to get the pre-approved car buying service apr rate, and it would be updated first thing monday. We sent them the PDF form USAA provides for the dealer to fill out and we were told all was well and good. 

Its tuesday and our account still says 'auto loan pending' and i see no confirmation that we recieved the car-buying service apr rate promised. How long does this normally take - and how can we confirm we will be recieving the correct rate? 


@unini, Thank you for your post. I have reviewed this situation and can see that the loan documents have been generated and placed in your View Documents section online. Please refer to this document for information on the rate for the loan. Additionally, if the loan is not reflecting your 'My Documents' section online, then it is likely we have not received the dealer funding request form. Therefore, my best recommendation is to contact the dealership to help ensure they submit the form to complete the loan. Keep in mind once the loan documents are received, the application will disappear from the website while the loan is being finalized and funded. It will reflect on your My Account list within 1 business day. I hope this helps. ~Michelle

thanks michelle. sadly i suspected that was the case, this dealer has been really unimpressive once papers were signed and i had a feeling that was what was going on. -_- i will give them a call. 

so i called the dealer yesterday and they said papers were submitted monday. but it seems my auto loan still says pending. is there someone i can call at usaa to confirm they recieved the paperwork? 

@unini, a loan specialist will be happy to review your loan. Please call. Thanks for reaching out! -Cynthia