with fewer drivers on the road because of corona virus, Allstate will return $600 million in premiums to it's customers. what will you do for us, USAA?


@blongtin- Hi, we know times are difficult for many of our members. We love our members and community, please visit usaa.com/coronavirus to see the latest updates on all USAA is doing during this difficult time for members and their communities.~Shawna

Again, a non-answer to the question. Other insurances are stepping up to refund customers due to less driving during this horrific time yet USAA will do little to nothing in the form of refunds.   Here are how others are helping...Allstate said most customers can expect a 15 percent refund in April and May, along with holders of Esurance and Encompass policies, while American Family Insurance is returning $50 per vehicle.

USAA step up and be the company you used to be and assist your customers!

USSA has become a third rate company. Gone steadily down hill for several years. Doubt they will do anything for the clients.

Yes, let us hear an official answer to this very pertinent question regarding Sears "Shelter-in-Place-Payback" program.

Frank, we continue to look at the impacts of the stay at home / shelter in place orders are having on our members and we are working on ways to help.

  • In 2019, USAA returned almost $2.4 billion to members in the form of dividends, distributions, Bank Rewards and rebates.
  • We understand that with the stay at home orders in place, people are driving less while also experiencing financial hardship.
  • We are exploring options to continue serving our members well during this difficult time. 
  • USAA has several special offers we’re providing our members during their time of need. These special offers include making it easier for members to set up special payment arrangements, temporarily stopping late and returned payment fees as well as stopping non-payment cancellations.