The worst experance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My car was stolen 3 yrs ago, my claims person sent an investigor to my house treated me like I arranged it to be stolen. Plus he went to the wrong police depatment never looked at the car that was at the impound lot. Also neglecting to identify valuable items in the truck. The car was a audi A 6 with a rare 8 cil european eng. The car was pristine with low miles. I was denided?????????  I was mad I didnt have the money to get it out, I carried very expecive coverage on top of it! I loved that car and it was a good investment because of its equipment. I must have called 30 plus times with no reply, so I went to his manager as we spoke I could hear the adjuster wispering back and forth I demanded a new adjuster and a explanation ( I didnt get one ) Finally I was told there was no police report so I gave the telephone number fax to usaa. This was per the detective. Then I was told it was closed. NOT COVERED.....This took yrs. Then I spoke with a person who worked in this dept and was told thats no ok contact them and fight.  The detctive moved to a diff div but said they never contacted the police dept and he coulded find the file. Then I was told that get a report and they would honor the claim usually with in 2 weeks again no correspondce. I finnally figured out how to mail them. I got a call from the same adjuster I requsted be removed says I didnt report it properly I couldnt belive he was still on my file/. They still wount contact me send me any thing in writting. Oh and when I threatened way back to contact an attorney I was told my adjuster wouldnt be able to talk with me?????? (he wasnt he wasnt communicating with me anyway) And I didnt have the money. What a joke...... And to think I have my Mercedes, house ins, home morgage and investments all with usaa......They even replaced my roof lol and I got a letter saying I had an original roof. DA.  Then to find out my house is 2x the size and stuccoed????? When I got it right my ins dropped almost in half. O MY GOD! I suffer from head trauma ptsd and anxiety. I feel very let down and taken advantage of. And thier is no customer sevice or way to comlpain. If anyone can help me I would apprecite it or forward this around or to some one who cares.


@Run Run Around, I am sorry to hear about the experience you had with your auto claim. This is certainly not the experience we want you to have when you file a claim with us. I am asking a business specialist to investigate your situation further and to follow-up with you. I am hopeful they will be able to resolve your concerns. Please expect contact within 3-4 business days. -LeKisha