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I just spent 48 minutes and 40 seconds for Shatika and Becky (ERT office) to find and send my car loan statment! First, she never verified my call. I was on hold for over half of the time spent on the phone today. First, Shatika sent me an internal document with blue and green numbers and letters on it. No letterhead. It looked like a screenshot of an Apple 2 C computer. Then she sends me an "email" with my loan information, not a statement document. I advised her again and again that I need a vehicle loan statment for my refinance. A refi org will not accept those type of documents I advised her. The call got escalated to Becky at ERT. She stated that while on auto pay, my loan does not generate a loan statement. I told her all I need is a paper document like the ones customers receive in the mail on a monthly basis. Becky replied when on auto-pay, you can't get one generated. She asked me to accept a pay off statement. I told her that refi org wants the December 2018 loan statement not a pay off statement! OMG! I finally hung up! Leadership is failing this organization. Stuart Parker needs to step down! Absolutely ridiculous to spend nearly an hour to obtain a car loan statement. statement-1.jpg


@GoodStuffHere, I see that we acknowledged you on another post. Your situation and experience was forwarded for review. Thank you for bringing awareness to the experience you had today. ~ Suzy